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Hi! Great product, it being free is a miracle :D

Would you consider the option of either removing the bot or customizing the sprite the bot uses?


yeah I think about it. Should not be too problematic.

Thanks for the praise. :-)

Hi, i have a problem , i did all the steps from "Getting ready" i tried html version and windows version, but doesn't working on streamlabs, dosen't show up at all. I created a localhost.. can you please tell me step by step how to add it in the streamlabs obs? i need to add some commands tot the bot? thx

I'm looking forward to using the Russian language.

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Hi there! I love the idea of this but I'm having some difficulties installing it in SLOBS, do you have a how-to for Streamlabs? It doesn't have 'application sources'. I've added it via Game Capture but it doesn't react to my chat and I don't think this is the way to do it.

Some help would be lovely!

Hi, if you start the chat and it is set up correctly, it should already react to your channel. That is completely independent from the game capture for your stream overlay. That said, you should check out if you did everything mentioned under "Getting it ready". Then test it out in your chat and if it works you can capture it and place it on your stream overlay.

Sorry for the late response. Was offline for some time. ;) Hope it is still helpful. 

Also a new Version will come in the next days, that pops emotes from the chat over your avatar.

Best regards

There's a website (assuming) stealing your program.

Hi, thanks. I know about this. But as my program is free and they give me full credit and link to this page, also with the donate button - I do not mind. 

Also from now on, I will credit myself inside the software I do. 

Thanks for the updates. Will there be an update in the future to load up our own images? I will test it to the bone!



you are not the first to raise the question about using your own sprites for avatars. I already thought about some possible implementations and would need to do some PoC, when I find the time.